Reference architecture: up to 1,000 users (CORE ONLY)

This page describes GitLab reference architecture for up to 1,000 users. For a full list of reference architectures, see Available reference architectures.

If you need to serve up to 1,000 users and you don't have strict availability requirements, a single-node solution with frequent backups is appropriate for many organizations .

  • Supported users (approximate): 1,000
  • High Availability: No
Users Configuration GCP AWS Azure
Up to 500 4 vCPU, 3.6GB memory n1-highcpu-4 c5.xlarge F4s v2
Up to 1,000 8 vCPU, 7.2GB memory n1-highcpu-8 c5.2xlarge F8s v2

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) architectures were built and tested using the Intel Xeon E5 v3 (Haswell) CPU platform. On different hardware you may find that adjustments, either lower or higher, are required for your CPU or node counts. For more information, see our Sysbench-based CPU benchmark.

In addition to the stated configurations, we recommend having at least 2GB of swap on your server, even if you currently have enough available memory. Having swap will help reduce the chance of errors occurring if your available memory changes. We also recommend configuring the kernel's swappiness setting to a lower value (such as 10) to make the most of your memory, while still having the swap available when needed.

Setup instructions

For this default reference architecture, to install GitLab use the standard installation instructions.

NOTE: Note: You can also optionally configure GitLab to use an external PostgreSQL service or an external object storage service for added performance and reliability at a reduced complexity cost.