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init of basic features

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"version": "0.1.0",
"healthCheckPath": "/",
"httpPort": 3000,
"id": "org.spreed.cloudronapp",
"title": "Nextcloud HP Backend",
"author": "Nextcloud developers",
"description": "file://",
"tagline": "Nextcloud High Performance Backend",
"version": "0.0.1",
"healthCheckPath": "/spreed",
"httpPort": 8080,
"memoryLimit": 524288000,
"manifestVersion": 2,
"website": "",
"contactEmail": "",
"icon": "logo.png",
"addons": {
"localstorage": {}
"localstorage": {},
"manifestVersion": 2
"tags": [],
"mediaLinks": [],
"changelog": "file://CHANGELOG",
"postInstallMessage": "file://",
"minBoxVersion": "5.2.0"
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# IP and port to listen on for HTTP requests.
# Comment line to disable the listener.
listen =
# HTTP socket read timeout in seconds.
readtimeout = 15
# HTTP socket write timeout in seconds.
writetimeout = 15
# IP and port to listen on for HTTPS requests.
# Comment line to disable the listener.
#listen =
# HTTPS socket read timeout in seconds.
#readtimeout = 15
# HTTPS socket write timeout in seconds.
#writetimeout = 15
# Certificate / private key to use for the HTTPS server.
certificate = /etc/nginx/ssl/server.crt
key = /etc/nginx/ssl/server.key
# Set to "true" to install pprof debug handlers.
# See "" for further information.
debug = false
# Secret value used to generate checksums of sessions. This should be a random
# string of 32 or 64 bytes.
hashkey = the-secret-for-session-checksums
# Optional key for encrypting data in the sessions. Must be either 16, 24 or
# 32 bytes.
# If no key is specified, data will not be encrypted (not recommended).
blockkey = -encryption-key-
# Shared secret for connections from internal clients. This must be the same
# value as configured in the respective internal services.
internalsecret = the-shared-secret-for-internal-clients
# Comma-separated list of hostnames that are allowed to be used as backend
# endpoints.
allowed = nextcloud.domain.invalid
# Allow any hostname as backend endpoint. This is extremely insecure and should
# only be used while running the benchmark client against the server.
allowall = true
# Shared secret for requests from and to the backend servers. This must be the
# same value as configured in the Nextcloud admin ui.
secret = the-shared-secret
# Timeout in seconds for requests to the backend.
timeout = 10
# Maximum number of concurrent backend connections per host.
connectionsperhost = 8
# If set to "true", certificate validation of backend endpoints will be skipped.
# This should only be enabled during development, e.g. to work with self-signed
# certificates.
#skipverify = false
# Url of NATS backend to use. This can also be a list of URLs to connect to
# multiple backends. For local development, this can be set to ":loopback:"
# to process NATS messages internally instead of sending them through an
# external NATS backend.
url = nats://localhost:4222
# The type of the MCU to use. Currently only "janus" is supported.
type = janus
# The URL to the websocket endpoint of the MCU server. Leave empty to disable
# MCU functionality.
url = ws://localhost:8188
# The maximum bitrate per publishing stream (in bits per second).
# Defaults to 1 mbit/sec.
maxstreambitrate = 1048576
# The maximum bitrate per screensharing stream (in bits per second).
# Default is 2 mbit/sec.
maxscreenbitrate = 2097152
# API key that the MCU will need to send when requesting TURN credentials.
#apikey = the-api-key-for-the-rest-service
# The shared secret to use for generating TURN credentials. This must be the
# same as on the TURN server.
#secret = 6d1c17a7-c736-4e22-b02c-e2955b7ecc64
# A comma-separated list of TURN servers to use. Leave empty to disable the
#servers = turn:,turn:
# License key to use when downloading the MaxMind GeoIP database. You can
# register an account at "" for
# free. See """ for further
# information.
# Leave empty to disable GeoIP lookups.
#license =
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