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Wordpress Cloudron App

This repository contains the Cloudron app package source for Wordpress.



or using the Cloudron command line tooling

cloudron install --appstore-id org.wordpress.cloudronapp


The app package can be built using the Cloudron command line tooling.

cd wordpress-app

cloudron build
cloudron install


The e2e tests are located in the test/ folder and require nodejs. They are creating a fresh build, install the app on your Cloudron, perform tests, backup, restore and test if the posts are still ok.

cd wordpress-app/test

npm install
USERNAME=<cloudron username> PASSWORD=<cloudron password> mocha --bail test.js


The site_url() will always be the location where you can reach the site by tacking on /wp-admin on the end, while home_url() would not reliably be this location.

Put this in wp-config.php for debugging

 // Enable WP_DEBUG mode
define('WP_DEBUG', true);

// Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

// Disable display of errors and warnings 
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);

// Use dev versions of core JS and CSS files (only needed if you are modifying these core files)
define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true);

if ( true === WP_DEBUG ) {
    if ( is_array( $log ) || is_object( $log ) ) {
        error_log( print_r( $log, true ) );
    } else {
        error_log( $log );

To enable debug in authLdap: set Debug to true in ldapConfig in start.sh

LDAP Plugin

Various LDAP plugins were tested when this app was made.