Commit f168a263 authored by Girish Ramakrishnan's avatar Girish Ramakrishnan

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parent f48b6252
......@@ -18,10 +18,10 @@ if [ ! -d /app/data/keys ]; then
echo "==> Init OpenVPN CA"
source /app/code/easyrsa/
/app/code/easyrsa/pkitool --initca
openvpn --genkey --secret /app/data/keys/ta.key
/app/code/easyrsa/pkitool --initca # ca.key and ca.crt
openvpn --genkey --secret /app/data/keys/ta.key # OpenVPN static key
/app/code/easyrsa/pkitool --server cloudron
/app/code/easyrsa/pkitool --server cloudron # server key
# initializing / regenerating CRL file
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