Commit af949fb5 authored by Johannes Zellner's avatar Johannes Zellner

Move app title to center on login

parent 6fa71ae5
......@@ -59,6 +59,10 @@ header > h1 {
max-width: 400px;
.text-center {
text-align: center;
pre {
margin: auto;
text-align: left;
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
<div id="app">
<h1><span class="hidden-xs-only"><b>Cloudron OpenVPN</b></span></h1>
<h1 :class="{ 'text-center': !user }"><span class="hidden-xs-only"><b>Cloudron OpenVPN</b></span></h1>
<el-button id="newDeviceButton" type="success" size="small" v-show="user" @click="createKeyAsk()" icon="el-icon-plus">New Device</el-button>
<el-button id="refreshButton" type="primary" size="small" v-show="user" @click="refresh()" icon="el-icon-refresh">Refresh</el-button>
<el-button id="openSettingsButton" size="small" v-show="user && user.isAdmin" @click="onSettingsOpen()" icon="el-icon-setting">Settings</el-button>
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