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......@@ -138,6 +138,35 @@ Note that all data associated with the app will be immediately removed from the
persist in your old backups and the [CLI tool]( provides a way to
restore from those old backups should it be required.
## Migration
Migrating apps from one Cloudron to another works by first creating a new backup of the app on the old Cloudron,
copying the backup tarball onto the new Cloudron's backup storage and then installing a new app, based on the backup on
the new Cloudron.
**Both Cloudrons have to use the same backup encryption key!**
The following step will migrate an app:
* Against the old Cloudron
cloudron backup create --app <subdomain/appid>
* Copy the new backup from the old Cloudron's backup storage to the new one. This can be done via the s3 webinterface
or scp if the filesystem backend is used. The backup can be located by its backup ID, which can be seen with:
cloudron backup list --app <subdomain/appid>
* Make note of the app's appstore id and version from:
cloudron list
* Then login to the new Cloudron and install the new app based on the created backup:
cloudron login <new Cloudron domain>
cloudron install --appstore-id=<apps appstore id>@<specific version if required> --backup <backupId>
The backupId usually also includes a path prefix and looks like: `2017-07-17-121412-248/app_2d7f2a6a-4c17-43a6-80bc-0bd47a99727f_2017-07-17-121412-269_v4.1.1.tar.gz`
## Embedding Apps
It is possible to embed Cloudron apps into other websites. By default, this is disabled to prevent
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