Commit e240a8b5 authored by Girish Ramakrishnan's avatar Girish Ramakrishnan

add comment on the struct

parent 38d4f2c2
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ function getDisks(callback) {
const ext4Disks = values[0].filter((r) => r.type === 'ext4').sort((a, b) => a.mountpoint.localeCompare(b.mountpoint));
const disks = {
disks: ext4Disks, // root disk is first
disks: ext4Disks, // root disk is first. { filesystem, type, size, used, avialable, capacity, mountpoint }
boxDataDisk: values[1].filesystem,
mailDataDisk: values[1].filesystem,
platformDataDisk: values[2].filesystem,
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