Commit dadde96e authored by Girish Ramakrishnan's avatar Girish Ramakrishnan

remove login events from addons

more often then not this just spams the eventlog
parent 99475c51
......@@ -618,10 +618,7 @@ function authenticateMailAddon(req, res, next) {
// note: with sendmail addon, apps can send mail without a mailbox (unlike users)
appdb.getAppIdByAddonConfigValue(addonId, namePattern, req.credentials || '', function (error, appId) {
if (error && error.reason !== BoxError.NOT_FOUND) return next(new ldap.OperationsError(error.message));
if (appId) { // matched app password
eventlog.add(eventlog.ACTION_APP_LOGIN, { authType: 'ldap', mailboxId: email }, { appId: appId, addonId: addonId });
return res.end();
if (appId) return res.end();
mailboxdb.getMailbox(parts[0], parts[1], function (error, mailbox) {
if (error && error.reason === BoxError.NOT_FOUND) return next(new ldap.NoSuchObjectError(req.dn.toString()));
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